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Small Children and Dogs: The Idyllic vs. Reality

am going to start this off first by saying I do not have children. Looked like too much work and so I avoided that one..

My point of this thread is for parents with small children who want to get puppies (or who have puppies) to obtain real information and (perhaps) a reality check, when it comes to young children and dogs.

A scene from Disney or Mayberry or Lassie. A boy and his dog. A girl and her dog. They grow up together from the child being a toddler through grade school. They do everything together from puppy hood on. The dog is the child's best friend and is totally intuitive. Never on leash.. this ideal dog seems to read the child's mind and they go everywhere together. The dog never bites anyone or anything besides dangerous people and food. The last scene fades with the boy and the dog sitting next to each other on a stream bank fishing. The girl and her dog are going down the road.. her on her bike, the dog trotting next to her.. totally focused on her face with an adoring look.

Scene from a real home. Child is pre school. Parents see the above... or recall a dog of their own childhood that was perfect (time tends to erase not so perfect)...

All is fine at first. The child nicely pets the puppy and the parent finds the two of them sleeping together. The problems start as the puppy matures at a rate about 10 times faster than the child. The puppy has teeth and not hands and uses those teeth to explore its world.

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