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Marble Hornets
Alex leads Jay and Jessica to a house in the woods, where he tells them he has something to show them. He then proceeds to pull a gun on them, but Masky jumps out and attacks him. Jay and Jessica run away, and a gunshot can be heard. They find a hotel to stay at, but while they're settling in Jay hears a scream from Jessica's room. He tries to get in, but to no avail. He turns and sees the Operator standing in his room. Jay appears to run at the Operator, and then the clip cuts out. There are other shots of Jay on the ground and from the chest camera after this, and various shots from a car. The finale shot that is shown is of Tim, walking down the street and acting normal.
[0:13] Jay: I'm here at Rosswood Park again. I'm waiting on Alex again. Last night, I,论文代写, uh, watched the tape that I took from his apartment. And it is abundantly clear that I should not be trusting him at all right now. I don't know what exactly happened to Brian. I probably don't want to know exactly what happened to Brian. All I do know, or at least what I think I know, is that Alex knew that something was going to happen when he brought him there. He didn't care about shooting Marble Hornets, for all I know, he wanted Brian out of the way. Um, Jessica's on her way to meet Alex and I here. She knew that whatever it is that Alex has to show us has something to do with Amy so I guess she thinks that following a stranger into the woods is a good idea. Even though, I'm not really one to judge 'cause following Alex into the woods is a terrible idea, period. But, I mean, I'm not gonna tell her that, I don't wanna scare her or anything. It might be nothing, he might actually show us something. But if he does try anything, I'm gonna make sure that Jessica gets out. Whatever it is that I have to do to make sure of that, I don't care. So I guess that, uh, my confession or whatever, about what happened, in case anything does happen to me.
[2:02] Jay reaches over and turns off the camera.
[2:06] Jessica is leaning against the hood of her car. Neither her or Jay are talking. They look over as Alex parks his car and gets out,论文代写.
[2:22] Alex: Follow me,www.jinshanlunwen.com. It's this way.
[2:27] Jessica: How far in is it?
[2:30] Alex gestures for them to follow him. They head towards the woods.
[2:36] They're walking in the woods, still following Alex.
[2:40] Jay: How much farther is it?
[2:43] Alex: Right up here. Not much longer.
[2:47] Jay: Alex, why don't you just tell us where we're going? You're not doing a very good job at putting either of us at ease.
[2:51] Alex: Look, it's a little difficult to put into words. You're just gonna have to see it for yourself. Let's go.
[2:57] Jay: Hold on. Hold on, let's put a little distance between us and him.
[2:58] Jay and Jessica stop for a moment and wait for Alex to get ahead of them. Jessica looks behind them.
[3:00] Jessica: I think I hear footsteps or something behind us.
[3:03] Jay looks back at the empty trail then back at Jessica.
[3:06] Jessica: I think somebody's following us.
[3:08] Jay: Let's keep walking.
[3:09] They begin following Alex again.
[3:20] Jay,论文代写, Jessica and Alex approach a large building. Tim in his mask can just be made out in the corner of an upper window.

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