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Hunting Dog Suggestions

This is something that probably won't happen for 2-3 more years, but good hunting dogs from reputable breeders are claimed before they're even a twinkle in their breeder's eye, so I suggested that SO start researching now and deciding what it is he wants.

So, a little info!

1. Hunts mostly anything that flies, so geese, ducks, pheasants, grouse. An all around, Upland and Water Fowl hunting dog.

2. Biddable, a fairly easy dog. My husband has never trained a dog before, although he's spent lots of time with Ralphie, so he's not completely unaccustomed to dogs. I would, of course, help, but the dog should be most bonded to him. A dog that is fairly easy to train and forgiving of mistakes would be preferred.

3. Generally friendly with people (of all ages) and dogs. This dog would probably have to get along with strange people and strange dogs on a regular basis. A dog that can take such things in stride, and even enjoy it, would be preferred.

4. Grooming: Not really an issue. We would do it ourselves or take it to a pro, no issues. A super-shedding dog is not really what I want, but I can deal if that's what ends up being best.

5. Currently, we own our house. We will probably have upgraded by the time husband wants a dog, but we don't plan on renting. We hopefully will have a place out of town with some acreage.

6. He wants a medium-large dog, but probably not more than 60 lbs.

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