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Overwhelmed... "what have we done?!"

This is my first post here so Hi to everyone

I'm not sure what I'm hoping to achieve with this post, but felt like I needed to get all my frustrations out somehow.

Myself and my partner recently adopted a dog from Romania. We had been told he is the sweetest boy imaginable, and videos of him running around off-lead with children were all uplifting signs.

He is 15 months old, looks like some sort of shepherd mix and has lived at the shelter since about 2 months old with lots of other dogs and was socialised with other people. We've had him for 1 1/2 weeks now (i know, not a lot of time).

In the first few days he was an angel - a bit nervous and unsure of everything - but very sweet and just wanted cuddles. He seemed to be housetrained as he would tell us when he wanted to go do his business and has never had an accident inside.

He didn't seem to mind any noises, got used to the TV, washing machine etc. quite quickly. We took him for his first walk 4 days in and he bolted at the sight of people. Now we can take him out fine for the most part - he is fine with cars passing, most people walking past him and he responds extremely well to clicker training.

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