Příspěvek pát 24. lis 2017 13:07:51

What sort of things should I get my dog to chew on?


Looking for some suggestions for things for my coonhound to chew on. He's 1 1/2 years old, 65 pounds, and a VERY powerful chewer. He's slightly picky with toys- he destroys the less tough ones, and if we give him one that's tough enough to withstand his chewing he loses interest when he finds out he can't destroy it.
I hesitate to use something with actual food in it unless he's crated, due to our other dog. We haven't really had any resource guarding issues other than one of them growling a little (and the other always listens and backs off) but I don't want to take my chances because of food related issues with a previous dog. We always feed them in separate rooms.


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