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Maintaining and troubleshooting Davison RF Welder

Vacuum tubes and solid state high frequency welder (HF Welder) is generally preventive maintenance and troubleshooting of the basic steps that should help welder online and produce tubes or tubes.

Pipe and pipe industry is the main high-frequency (HF) vacuum tube welder. More recently, more and more manufacturers have installed HF solid state welding machines, partly because of its efficiency, compact design and high power factor.

Vacuum tube welder has four main parts: the AC (AC) voltage is converted to DC (DC) voltage power supply; DC converter into HF power oscillator; cooling system; and monitoring and control of the welder function control and diagnostic package.

Maintenance should be done once every six months, at least once a year, depending on the production plan. After the welder is locked and marked, all facades and panels should be completely erased and then the following operations are initiated:

Verify that all safety devices and doors are interlocked. Check all doors and panel gaskets. Check the power supply and all interconnections between the oscillator and the controller. Drain, rinse and replenish the distilled water circuit and repair any leaks. Check and clean the air to the water heat exchanger and replace all the filters. Verify the settings for all spark gaps. Check and clean the output RF (RF) transformer and copper bus. Verify all Teflon® insulation. Disconnect and clean all copper connections in the oscillator and power supply, and then re-connect correctly. Check if the RF choke is discolored. Check SCR, grid resistance and feedback circuit is correct resistance value. Check the rectifier group for shorting the diode. Check the ceramic capacitors in the oscillator for leaks or cracks. Remove the oscillating tube for inspection and high pressure.

After the maintenance is complete, make a final visual inspection to ensure that the system has been properly reconfigured. And then inform the plant operator of the power system to verify the correct operating conditions.

All vacuum tube welders must be preventive maintenance. If the operator keeps the distilled water clean, keep the cabinet clean and dry inside, High Frequency Welding and regularly check the connectors and components, the welder downtime should be greatly reduced.