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Dog is eliminating indoors, I've tried everything ?

I adopted my GSD, Aries, when he was 3 years old. He was potty trained, but had a lot of behavior issues because he was abused by his previous owner. It took about a year of intensive behavior modification training to get him to the point where I could introduce him to guests and to other dogs without it being a giant ordeal. Since then, he's been well-behaved and hasn't had any behavior issues, up until about a year ago. He did have a lot of medical issues, which my partner and I were easily able to pay for. Some of those issues are chronic, so treatment for them will continue for the rest of his life.
Last fall I had to leave my partner after 8 years together, because he had become really controlling and emotionally abusive. I took Aries with me because he was intensely bonded to me, but indifferent to my partner. I left with zero money, and had to stay with friends until I was able to save up enough for an apartment. My first apartment was a tiny studio in a rough neighborhood in my city. It was cramped and uncomfortable for Aries. This is when he first started eliminating indoors.

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