Příspěvek stř 15. lis 2017 15:33:37

Tripawds on treadmills?

Several times already I've taken him out and let him run only for the nails on his only back paw to get too worn down and start to bleed. It's usually enough to cover his entire paw in blood. Then I can't take him out for a while until the nail's grown back.
Usually, it's a after about three miles on concrete or five on grass, much less if we've been consistently running that week. I talked to a trainer and she recommended a regular old treadmill for him. Does this seem like a good idea? I'd hate to spend all that money just for it to turn out that it's bad for tripawds.
Any other suggestions are appreciated, just know that I've already tried a boot and he took it off with extreme prejudice.

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