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Time to adjust!

Erste Bello, Barcelona manager, Philippe Coutinho, midfielder Red label need time to adjust to the team before doing a great job. After that, he did not play well in the game. "Azul Lana" beat Aladdin 2-1 Luis Suarez pioneered the Barcelona team to spread the wings as well.Get a chance to play in the first match. Since moving from Liverpool with a preliminary fee, it is believed to be 106 million pounds (about 4,240 million), but his form does not stand out. The final change was with Paco Aleser in the 66th minute. "A kicker is not a machine you would put into a factory and start working immediately. I think he plays well. He asked the ball all the time. He had many important skills. The day before he played for 20 minutes, today he has played a little more. He is slowly Admitting to the team, "Luis Suarez spearheaded the Uruguayan defending teammates as well. "It's always difficult to get started in the Camp Nou. Actually, he played very well today. He tried to make our game playable. And the team was happy with what he did. "sbobet888