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"Arsenal" Arsenal to prepare Alex Lazarote to bring off the scoreline game "Lions Navy Blue" Chelsea has the news Alvarado. Mora could injure the pitch, but there will be an eternal attack on the Karabakh Cup (quarter-finals) on Wednesday night. MCOT HD, Time: 03:00.Arsene Wenger consultants '' cannon '' Arsenal lead the team 0-0 Chelsea in the first match before the Crystal Palace 4- 1 in the last league game. The first victory in 5 games.This team game. Wenger signs new Henrik Mitchat new midfielder The Cup - Tai from Manchester United, the old team, but I have to win Aaron Ramsey (ligaments) knee back.Ian Gonzalez, who suffered minor injuries from a landslide game. Still waiting for his fitness test, but Olivier Giroud (thigh) and Danny Welbeck (muscle) The offensive is also coordinated by Mesut Ozil and Alex Lazarez, who did well in the Crystal Palace game on Saturday.Antonio Conte, the boss of the "singles blues". Chelsea led the team 0-0 Arsenal in the first game, and the recent collapse of Brighton 4-0 in the league game to win two shots. stick Recent Teams Conte must be injured in the ankle joints of the players, but the door is a Willie Gagarero with standby, including Andersen Christensen. The hurt added. It will be both Pedro Rodriguez and Alvaro Moratan back flat penalty back, but in the latest Mora reported that there are still injuries, so open the way to MICHA Bata Shu. France's center in front of Belgium.Gary Cahill and Cesc Fabregas, who injured their ligaments, continued to rattle สโบเบท