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Five points of interest before Arsenal duel Everton.

This evening, the English Premier League football game is another interesting game. The meeting between Arsenal with the opening cue Everton Everton at 0:30.The "Gunners" fans are looking forward to seeing this night. Pierre-Amerik Obama on the field in the Emirates Stadium in front of the fans? After moving from Borussia Dortmund with a club statistic value of 56 million pounds in the market - buy players in January last. If the Gabonese national team spearhead the field in front of the fans in this important game would look quite amazing. But more importantly, he will be able to call a good form or not. That's the way to go. Obama had to sing singles rehearsal on Thursday. Before training with his teammates on Friday, he showed that he is fit and ready to be the first 11 immediately in the game tonight. However, Arsene Wenger recently revealed that Obama is sick and will have to consider whether to fit into the field or not. If the consultant blood perfume has been confirmed by the players that he feels better, they may see players in the game. sbo666