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The deal is between Liverpool and Barcelona.

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Liverpool have agreed to release Philippe Coutinho to Barcelona for a fee of 145 million pounds (about 6,525 million) became the second most expensive player in the world. Let's see the deal that happened between Barcelona and Liverpool in the past, who else?Argentinian striker Barcelona was drawn in 2010 with a fee of 24 million yen (about 930 million) after the player made a remarkable performance. In the midfield, the receiver was paired with Xabi Alonso, but the move to the Bazaar in the era of coach Josep Guardiola to be held in the center. It has become a great part of the bazaar to date.Liverpool won the Uruguayan star from Ajax for a fee of 22.8 million pounds (about 994 million) in 2011 before bursting form to hit 69 goals from 110 games, resulting in Barcelona. £ 65million has been broken in 2014 and has become a hope for Barcelona.Finished midfielder Ajax between 1992-1999 before going to live with Barcelona in the next 2 years, but not successful until 2001, will move to Liverpool. In the age of consultants, the Ulster Ulster won five championships against the Reds, the UEFA Cup, the European Super Cup, the FA Cup, the League Cup and the Commissary. However, his personal performance was not as remarkable as he had scored nine goals from 43 shots in two seasons with the team before moving back to Ajax again in the summer of 2002.sbobet mobile