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An idea that Jagex should add a lottery system

Many players have talked about adding OSRS lottery system recently, and they have even come up with some details for this system. But Mod Ash indicates that he doesn’t like this idea at all. What is your opinion on this system after you learn all the suggestions? RuneScape Gold And buy RuneScape 2007 gold at first.

The original thought for the lottery systemA player has offered an idea that Jagex should add a lottery system to Old School RuneScape, which needs 50k entry and is regarded a good money sink. And one lucky winner can get 100m grand prize.

Other suggestions to this systemAlong with the system, other players suggest there should be an NPC to walk around the GE called “ Lottie Ree” to sell the tickets with the dialogue like “ Give me 50k and see what happens. Don’t trade me if you don’t want to - it’s a risk.” and the NPC can wear a trench coat and a fedora.At the same time, they also talk about the ticket price especially for F2P players, while some players think this system should be members only.

In addition, some players actually like this and would like to play it but they just wonder whether it’s healthy for the game in the long run.The response from Mod AshWhen a player asks Mod Ash about his opinion on this lottery system, he just responds “While we could, it’s not the kind of content I’m very fond of, tbh.”Do you want to Add the lottery system to your favorite game? Whether your answer is yes or no, buy OSRS Gold please propose your opinion clearly. You just know that Jagex values the players’ suggestions a lot. And remember to buy RuneScape 2007 gold.The mmogo Team Implement Changes to Karambwanji & Castle Wars Bracelet OSRS