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adidas shoes for men 2017


Tubular Defiant is built with a adidas shoes pink and blue slimmer silhouette, creating a more feminine look to the shoe. Adidas contrast this by using sharp edges and bold colours, giving Defiant’s an even more eye-catching look. This angular design was continued in the Tubular X range. They use bold panelling to highlight contrasting materials and colours. Both these shoes were designed for streetwear, being very popular additions to the catwalk.

As anticipated at their launch, adidas shoes for men 2017 brand new, fabulous releases of the adidas Tubular are on their way. An anticipated success. Today we are going to present the latest born in the adidas’ home, the exceptional Tubular Defiant, a style designed exclusively for women.

There is a clear reference to adidas tubular defiant black white the Y3 silhouette which lends a minimalist yet refined style to every detail. In this sense, the slimmed-down midsole immediately catches the eye, delivering a sense of lightweight and comfort.

When adidas Originals adidas shoes for women on sale dropped the first ever wave of Tubulars, they wouldn't stay on shelves long enough. Now, more and more designs featuring the technology have started to release, with each silhouette bringing sleek looks ready for the street. The latest set to release is the Tubular Defiant. With its heavy 22oz canvas construction and a good chunk of rubber done up in sharply contrasting colorway, these Defiants manage to skillfully toe the line between high fashion and high street.