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Young couple buys landmark Stuart Castle in Eureka
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Brandon and Kate Smith of Fenton bought the landmark property for $395,000 late last month. They are in the process of moving in with their son Casen.
The home includes a secret passageway and dungeon, a treasure trove of granite and sits on more than six acres.
"You're not going to find anything like it in St. Louis County or the Rockwood School District for that price," said Brandon Smith, 32. "We just couldn't pass on it."
Smith is a mortgage banker, and his wife, 31, is a photographer. He said he first aspired to live in the grand structure nearly a decade ago when the asking price was close to $2 million.
"I saw pictures of it back then and kind of fell in love with it, but I thought, oh, that's just a pipe dream," he said.
Still, he said, he would occasionally bring up the property on his computer and look at it.
The property has been a bank owned foreclosure since July 2010. When the asking price got down to $410,000 earlier this year, he and his wife toured the castle for the first time and decided to make an offer.
The castle was built over the span of a decade by Wallace Stuart, a now retired dermatologist, as a fulfillment of a promise he made to his first wife, Joan, whom he called "Princess."
Stuart bought the land where the castle sits in 1968 and still owns some surrounding acres. The property at one time was owned by George Warren Brown, founder of the Brown Shoe Company.
Stuart constructed the castle around a residence the Brown family used for a summer retreat.
The property sat vacant for more than 15 years and fell victim to vandalism and disrepair before it was renovated in the late 1990s.
Before the Smith purchase, 13 offers to buy the property fell through. The contingencies included a stipulation that it be a cash deal.
Smith said he's not concerned about the property's history, which includes tales of Brown's widow haunting the place and a trespasser fatally shot in 1984. He said he and his family are looking forward to many years in their new home.
He and his wife attended Eureka High School, where they fell in love, Smith said.
Although he never promised her a castle, he said they're pleased that the structure is adorned with a giant granite "S" on the entryway, which now will stand for Smith.

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