Příspěvek stř 25. říj 2017 16:33:59

Double blow on ailments

Today I have two news for you. So, let's get started.

First news:

Introverts sleep worse than extroverts
In addition, people with this type of personality are more often tormented by nightmares.

Such data were obtained during a study commissioned by one of the companies for the production of mattresses. The study involved 1000 Americans. At first they all passed standard testing for personality type, and then answered questions about the quality of their night sleep, as well as the subjects of dreams.

It turned out that extroverts on average sleep at night better than introverts, and wake up vigorously, rested and full of energy. This energy is maintained throughout the day. While introverts often suffer from insomnia, they wake up in a bad mood and suffer from drowsiness during the day.

The study showed that the type of personality affects the content of dreams. Thus, introverts often have nightmares and strange, complex dreams of unclear content that they can not remember in the morning. Extroverts with such problems are rarely encountered. Their dreams are more simple, active and straightforward, they are easy to remember and retell. For example, it's a dream about how they go on a trip. Introverts often have dreams that reflect inner impotence, for example, that they have a tooth, or that they are trying to physically punish or resist, but they can not do it.

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The second news:

Women were warned about the dangers of childbirth in the bathroom
Water, especially warm water, is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria that can kill a newborn.

About one such tragic case, Canadian doctors told in their publication in the scientific journal CMAJ. The newborn girl was urgently hospitalized and placed in the intensive care unit eight days after delivery. A full and healthy child at birth had a failure of all organs due to sepsis - an acute immune reaction to the pathogenic bacterium Legionella, found in the baby's blood.

It turned out that the birth took place in a warm bath, which was filled three days before the birth of the child.
Warm water is an ideal environment for the development of microorganisms, including such dangerous ones as the causative agent of legionellosis. Legionella feels particularly well at a water temperature of 20 to 42 degrees Celsius.

The newborn spent five weeks on the ventilator, her life was saved only by the fact that she was quickly diagnosed and correctly selected antibiotic therapy was started. However, the chances of the child's death were very high, said one of the authors of the publication Michel Barton in an interview with The Daily Mail.

This case serves as another, and very vivid, proof that the gaining popularity in recent years of the genera in the aquatic environment, considered to be the most natural and safe for both the mother and the baby, can have severe and even fatal consequences for the child, Barton stressed. Especially when it comes to pre-filled baths or heated pools.