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Deck Gravekeepers in yugioh links

Strengthen the Gravekeepers decks with these selected cards! Check out more at the YuGiOh Duel Links Guide: Deck Gravekeepers Part 2!

I will continue the YuGiOh Duel Links Guide on Gravekeepers deck. This discussion is about other cards, additional cards, and replacement cards that you can use on Gravekeepers' decks.

You can change, add, even remake / design your own deck Gravekeepers with the cards I will discuss this time.
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You can change / remove one or two Gravekeepers (per-type) monster cards, but I do not recommend replacing them with other cards (especially Gravekeeper's Recruiter).

There are several character abilities that can replace the ability of Power of Dark character of Yami Yugi, among them are Baggy Sleeves, Balance, and Switcheroo. All three capabilities have a goal that is almost the same is to accelerate to get the desired card or get a good starting hand.

But if you want to dominate the board with a lot of powerful monsters, then stick with Yami Yugi's Power of Dark character.

To find out more about other cards, additional cards, what replacement cards you can use on this Gravekeepers deck, just take a look at the cards with the following explanation:
Angmarl the Fiendish Monarch

A 6-level monster card with the following effects: When the card is successfully summoned, you can banish a Spell card located in the graveyard.

After successfully banishing, add one Spell card in your hand inside the deck that has the same name as the card you have banished using this card effect.

Since this Gravekeepers deck has many very useful Spell cards like Soul Exchange, Enemy Controller, and Double Summon, it would be nice to keep one of these cards in your deck.

You can get this card through the Electric Overload Pack gatcha.
The Calculator

Because you have a lot of high-level monsters like Gravekeeper's Oracle and Gravekeeper's Chief, then The Calculator is the most appropriate choice card.

If you have successfully tribute the summon of Gravekeeper's Oracle and also summon The Calculator, then The Calculator will have an attack of 3600! The Calculator will be your strongest beater card in the deck of Gravekeepers!

You can get this card through the Electric Overload Pack gatcha.
Genex Ally Powercell

This card has the following effect: Another monster face card that has the same Attribute with this card will experience an increased attack of 500 points. This card has a Dark Attribute, so all the cards in this Gravekeepers deck can get the buff from the effect it has!

Buff attack 500 points is not a small amount! Not to mention, you've got the buff from the Power of Dark character of Yami Yugi!

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