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Path Of Exile Will Rework Lightning Tendrils Visuals And Me

Grinding Gear Games will change the Lightning Tendrils skill gem visuals.poe currency orbs As Grinding Gear

Games stated, this will slightly change the mechanics as well. These changes will be applied in the 3.1.0 update.</p>

The update won’t change other lightning fixes to other lightning skills despite the lightning tendrils. Therefore, players might begin to do lightning tendrils builds. After

the update applies, Lightning Tendrils will finally feel like an actual channeling skill, including such an improved animation.</p>

Lightning Tendrils will let players to smoothly change directions towards enemies in different positions. On every fourth pulse, it deals more damage which makes it more

powerful over a longer casting time, considering it as a better attack against tougher foes. </p>

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