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Management and staff behaviour
Use calming language. Introduce yourself to the customer and attempt to resolve the conflict. This is important as people often respond differently to a person known to them. You should allow a customer who is becoming agitated to express their anger, but try not to make any hostile remarks yourself. Respond directly to questions and try to understand the aggressor's mood. You should avoid swearing and encourage your staff to do the same.
Think about your non verbal behaviour. Increase your distance and avoid sustained eye contact. Adopt a relaxed posture,论文代写, move slowly, rather than suddenly, and maintain calm facial expressions. You should try to control any signals of anxiety and stress.
Try to establish control. Try to work out what the agitated person needs, encourage them to make decisions and offer face saving possibilities. You should be tactful, rather than hasty, in removing people from the premises. You should try and avoid using physical force or intervention. Be assertive: you should be firm but fair.
Take immediate, preventative action if you think a situation may become violent.
Ask the potentially violent individual's friends to help control them if appropriate. If the situation is becoming violent then you should get help as soon as possible,论文代写, for example by calling the police or a security guard. You should warn the individual of your organisation's policy regarding violence and let them know they are being watched, pointing out any video cameras etc.
If you are robbed, co operate but do not do more than requested. Avoid turning away from the attacker or making sudden movements.
Training your staff in how you expect them to behave. To minimise the risk:
Be polite and explain quietly why you can't serve them.
Make sure your company has a clear policy on age restricted sales, and make sure this is made visible to customers (eg via posters in the immediate vicinity of the sales point). It is important that staff are supported and know that they can still ask for age ID even if there is a long queue and they are very busy. If an individual does not have suitable ID, it may be possible for staff to hand out application forms for national ID schemes, which might reduce the potential for confrontation, eg Portman Group proof of age card.
If juvenile crime is a particular problem for you:
You could limit the numbers of juveniles in the shop and or insist on them being accompanied by an adult. Examples of suspicious behaviour include:
constantly looking around, watching staff and appearing nervous;
taking little notice of products or spending a long time browsing;
repeatedly refusing staff offers of help;
asking questions about staff routines,论文代写, cash areas etc;
wearing inappropriate clothing for the time of year that may hide goods,, carrying a large bag or carrying a coat over the arm or shoulder, or appearing to have concealed an item.

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