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And yet at the same time there was something Mason Crosby Je

Fifa, football’s disgraced governing body, accepts that the sport is changing. Last Indians Authentic Jersey October the new head of Fifa, Gianni Infantino, unveiled his vision for the future of world football. It was called Fifa 2.0. This was Infantino, and Fifa, attempting to wipe the slate clean – forget Sepp Blatter’s regime, forget the World Cups that landed in Russia and Qatar, forget the bribes and corruption that poisoned the bidding processes for the 1998 (France), 2006 (Germany) and 2010 (South Africa) World Cups, we’re starting again. Football under Infantino would be bigger, better and richer than ever before – oh yes, and cleaner. Only Fifa would dare come up with such a hubristic title (the implication being that the reborn Fifa compared in scale with the second-generation internet Web 2.0).And yet at the same time there was something fitting about the title. Fifa 2.0 acknowledged that digital technology had changed how we watch, support and play football. Nowadays we tend to watch it when we want to, and http://www.authenticclevelandindians.com/Bob-Feller-Jersey we interact it with it on our terms. As Web 2.0 became defined by user-generated content and the growth of social media, so has football.Rather than just watching it and listening to experts pontificate, we’d rather chat among ourselves on Twitter and Facebook, pass on our pearls of footy wisdom on our own YouTube channels, and even inhabit Ronaldo’s and Messi’s boots in digital games that imitate the real thing. The idea of Fifa 2.0 reflects a very real possibility – that football as we know it could be subsumed by the internet, and overtaken by its digital version.A small section of Fifa 2.0 is dedicated to the expansion of e-sports. Fifa is the joint licence holder of the eponymous video game (with its manufacturer EA Sports), played on computers by tens of millions worldwide. Fifa 2.0 talks about the digital game’s success, and suggests this is only the start. Competition in the virtual game is becoming as fierce Authentic Angels Womens Jersey as in the real game – for status and money.In 2016, more than 2.3m gamers participated in the Fifa Interactive World Cup, with the winner receiving $25,000 in cash. This figure is likely to mushroom over the next few years. But what Fifa has its eyes on is not so much its own game as the other larger, even more profitable e-sports that now attract huge live audiences. It mentions, with a hint of envy, that the 2014 League Of Legends World Championship at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in Korea drew 40,000 people, “more than the typical English Premier League match”. The section on e-sports concludes with the promise of ever greater bounty: “As the world of gaming expands, Fifa has a tremendous opportunity to mimic the production of global events on the pitch with enhanced production of virtual Fifa competitions.”But some professionals see e-sports as a threat. When the Premier League’s executive chairman, Richard Scudamore, was asked which league or sport he http://www.authenticlosangelesangels.com/Bud-Norris-Jersey saw as the main competitor to the Premier League he replied digital gaming. He wondered aloud whether traditional sport could continue to engage young people in the same way interactive e-sports were doing.While Hashtag United have been attracting more than half a million to their matches on YouTube, figures for live football on pay per view have fallen – the numbers watching Premier League matches on Sky Sports were down 11% at the halfway mark of 2016-17 compared with the previous season, and Sky’s figures have fallen 25% since 2010.Sure, the digital options are having an impact. But there is something else at play, too. Disenchantment – the working man’s game that is no longer accessible to the working man or woman, the cheapest Arsenal season ticket costing £891 (actually a cut of £123 because the club failed to qualify for the Champions League), Paul Pogba being transferred to Manchester United for £93.2m four years after being given a free transfer, Lionel Messi not paying his taxes. As digital technology has given us a voice, the world of elite football has become ever more alien. Football was formed and codified in the 19th century. And it still works on the 19th/20th-century model of giving (a product) and taking (our money). But that does not work for the young generation.Unsurprisingly, young people do not relate to the lives of footballers. More worrying, many young people do not even relate to the lives of traditional fans who go to football matches. The idea of shelling out a minimum of £30 to watch a Premier League match is every bit as alien as Pogba’s transfer fee.