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Insect Control Company

Insect Control Company
The company of excellence tops the spraying and the eradication of domestic insects, whatever the suffering and whatever the amount of insects that suffer from them, cooperate with the best company interested in this service now شركة مكافحة الصراصير بالرياض
Household insects are the problems of homes, especially in areas where heat is high, where insects are spread in the home and may cause many problems and serious illnesses.
To protect your home from insects and prevent their entry, we can offer some advice:
* Care for the permanent cleanliness of the house,
* Good ventilation of the rooms of the house and enter the sun to kill insects that can not be seen only by the naked eye.
* Get rid of trash first-hand so as not to be prone to insect spread.
Clean and ventilate food tanks, remove waste, and seal the jars for food that is present in the cabinet so that it will not be a source of insect infestation.
* Put a small wire mesh on the windows and doors, and fill the holes and cracks with cement, so that the insects do not seep out of them.
* Clean dishes and food utensils immediately after use, because they may cause the insects to get out of the place where they live.
* Do not leave food waste on the dining table, and periodically cleaning prevent the spread of insects and prevention
There are multiple insects that may cause permanent nuisance, including: ants, cockroaches, bugs, flies, mosquitoes and mice.
Ants are two types * Ants are a common source of food and food waste live in the holes and cracks of the house.
The termite is called "Al-Ata". It needs constant food to survive. Its source of food is the sugar found in the wood, which is found in the doors, windows, and furniture. It may cause a great danger to your home. , And destruction over time and serious damage can not be repaired until it is too late.
Termites can be disposed of with chemical pesticides intended for the construction of furniture in the ground. When installing the doors, ensure that all openings are closed in the sides of the door and that the doors are best fitted with joints and not with staples.
The normal ants in the kitchen can be disposed of with a little soda mixed with sugar and placed in the holes and openings from which the ants die immediately.
In the cupboard we put a little bitter coffee or ground pepper. It saves you from the ants and other insects.شركة مكافحة العته بالرياض
And cockroaches to prevent them from spreading in the house can be filled with sinks and latrines at night, pour poisonous solutions or oil derivatives killers in latrines and sinks and then pour water in the morning.
It is possible to make balls of flour with toxic substances, ie, paste with insecticides and put them in a place where cockroaches are frequent ... and be far from the children.
Moth is frequent in winter due to high humidity and ventilation of the house, and ventilation of the room of furnishings and pillows, and the sun has an effective impact on the killing of germs and microbes شركة مكافحة النمل الابيض
To keep the clothes from the mite cleaned brush to remove what is attached to eggs and worms small size, put with a few naphthalene or perfumed soap.
Mice are disposed of using traps in which the bait is placed, while being careful not to touch them because the aroma smells the human being and prevents them from entering.
The wild chamomile can be placed in the places inhabited by mice. It is quickly fragmented because it does not like it, and because the chamomile smells strong, exhausting and suffocating to mice.