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No-one goes into the investment property market to deliberately lose money unless they have some shady tax haven Larry Ogunjobi Jersey , so it goes without saying that the goal for the investor is to increase their wealth. Most independent investors in Australia who are looking to build an investment portfolio of any size generally start first with residential property, and there is nothing wrong with that strategy. This leaves the commercial real estate market largely to the biggest players, and there are very good reasons why they are there – to generate maximum return on their investment and make a profit.
The commercial real estate market is made up of a very diverse group of properties. Generally they include industrial facilities David Njoku Jersey , office buildings, retail outlets, warehouses Jabrill Peppers Jersey , single shop buildings and others. The main difference between these properties and residential real estate is that they are leased out to tenants as a workspace rather than for somewhere to live. Like any business enterprise, there are advantages and disadvantages to holding investment dollars in these properties.
The biggest advantage of commercial real estate is the leasing rates which generally perform strongly over time, especially in areas where commercial use land is in short supply. They also generate substantial monthly cash flow Myles Garrett Jersey , and are leased over a much longer period of time than residential. This gives the investor stability over their cash flow, as most leases are at least twelve months, and some run for as much as 5 to 10 years.
In commercial property Nick Chubb Jersey , the leasing rates are usually calculated as price per square metre, and boom and bust cycles aside, CBD properties generally lease at a much higher price than those in the suburbs. Industrial buildings usually lease at a lower price per square metre Austin Corbett Jersey , but the upside is that the overheads for these type of properties are usually not as high as, for example, an inner city office tower.
The regulatory framework in which these premises are required to operate is the biggest disadvantage. Local government by-laws and zoning Denzel Ward Jersey , occupation health and safety regulations and environmental laws are just some of the legal processes that must be negotiated and complied with. The next issue that can cause problems is that each tenant will have very specific requirements so that if tenant turnover is high, there will be a lot of expense involved in refurbishing the premises to suit.
Residential Real Estate Sydney is an attractive investment because most people already understand how housing investment works. Commercial real estate is very different, and requires specialised knowledge Baker Mayfield Jersey , or staff members on the payroll who have those skills. This suggests that the ideal commercial investor would be someone who is already quite wealthy. It is not suited to the Mum and Dad investor who wants to build up some retirement income but without any hassles.
Large superannuation funds are among the biggest investors in commercial property. With the baby boomers now approaching retirement, and their investment portfolios stuttering back to life, their hope is that commercial property will perform well enough to claw back some return into the superannuation funds.

MANILA, July 28 (Xinhua) -- Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday threatened to withdraw the unilateral ceasefire that he declared with the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People's Army-National Democratic Front (CPP-NPA-NDF) after the rebel group launched ambush that resulted in the death of a government militiamen in the Davao del Sur the other day.

Duterte, during his visit to a military camp in Lucena City in Quezon, said he demanded an immediate explanation from the CPP in connection with the incident in which one was killed and another three were injured.

Duterte said he relayed his message to the NDF that he wants the CPP to make it clear if they are serious about the peace negotiations and if they have control over their armed men on the ground.

The president said the members of the Citizen Armed Force Geographical Unit (CAFGU) are part of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Duterte also said that he expects disciplinary actions to be taken against the members of the NPA that were involved in the attack saying that under the government those who violate the law, including members of the police and military, will be penalized when they break the law.

""I demand an answer as to who broke the law, they must be put under disciplinary actions otherwise we don't have a deal. That is my deal,"" he added.

The president declared a unilateral ceasefire during his state of the nation address on Monday as a sign of goodwill and provide a conducive atmosphere to the peace negotiations with the CPP-NPA-NDF that would resume on August 20 to 27 in Norway.

He said apart from the ceasefire the government has already started the process of issuing a safe conduct pass for members of the communist rebels that would participate in the peace talks.

Duterte had urged the military for understanding as he explained anew why he had to declare a ceasefire with the communist group.

He reiterated that apart from his desire for peace, as commander in chief and president of the country he had to think of the welfare of the general public and what is good for everyone.

Duterte said he knows that a lot of the military men and even policemen are resistant to the truce especially after many of their colleagues had died during operations, but there had already been a lot of deaths and the war had already gone too long.

The communist rebellion has killed 30,000 people since 1960s, and the NPA is believed to have fewer than 4,000 men today, down from a peak of 26,000 in the 1980s, according to the military.

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