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Portable crusher plant six advantages

Portable crusher plant in the mining machinery industry has been applied for some time, and Yifan Machinery is the first in the domestic mobile station applications in the field of construction waste disposal. Most people on the Portable crusher plant awareness, mostly confined to the flexible and applicable two points, but in fact the Portable crusher plant's excellent performance there are many, and today we come to chat with everyone on Yifan machinery production research and development Of the mobile station, in the construction waste and other field operations, the existence of the advantages.
First, the aircraft field operations directly effective. Portable crusher plant can not only use independently, but also for the different requirements of customers to provide a more flexible machine process configuration to meet the user movement of the machine broken, mobile screening of the various requirements, so that logistics is more direct and effective, and can maximize To reduce costs.
Second, the machine combination of flexible. The mobile station adopts the form of installation of integrated equipment such as feeding, conveying and crushing, which can not only eliminate the complicated operation of component installation, but also reduce the consumption of materials and working hours. The machine is reasonable and compact space layout, do not take up the venue, but also improve the flexibility of the site presence.
Third, easy maintenance, reliable performance. Easy maintenance has been Yifan machinery to get a good reputation for the sale of good reputation. The Portable crusher plant has been optimized and enhanced to further accept the advantages of higher strength, better performance and more compact structure.
Fourth, the low cost of material transportation Reduce the cost of material transport this one, mainly in the Yifan series of Portable crusher plant can be processed in the field of materials, the biggest advantage of doing so is greatly reduced the cost of transport of materials.
Fifth, strong adaptability. Yifan series of Portable crusher plant can be based on different crushing process requirements, according to customer demand composition "first broken after the screen", or "first screen after the broken" process. And the mobile station can be combined according to the actual needs of two, or three broken sieving system. In addition, the device can run independently, in the operation and transportation, have a high flexibility.
Six, strong mobility. Yifan series of Portable crusher plant length is short, can be used for different crushing equipment, the use of a separate removable chassis, so that the wheelbase shorter, turning radius smaller, so that the machine can be in the operating area or on the road flexible The