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Laser Research and Development

When we go to work or do not use the machine for a long time, we must not shut down the cooling system, that is, the power supply of the water chiller is inserted into the power supply, so that it can work continuously, so that the water in the laser tube is always circulating, so that the water will not freeze. The water in the laser tube is drained to dry or leave a few parts. In this way, even if ice is frozen, it will not cause the rupture of the high power laser pointer tube. It is suggested to pull the water inlet, that is, the inlet of the laser tube, and the water in the laser tube is blown out. With the development of laser research and development, the use of laser cutting machine to process metal material has become a "common" means of production. Especially in the thin metal processing market, fiber laser cutting machine is a superpower, play a decisive role.

Air compressors are part of a laser cutter system. First to talk about its concept, air compressor is the main source of gas equipment, which is the original motivation (usually the motor) of the mechanical energy into gas pressure energy device, is the pressure of compressed(https://www.htpow.com/high-powered-3000 ... -1027.html) air Occurrence of devices. Here are the main components of its maintenance and repair work. In the laser cutting machine air compressor every 4000 hours of work, check the seal condition, if necessary, to be replaced. Compressor oil. Every 1000 hours to check whether enough oil, every 4,000 hours to replace the new oil.